Come Find Me Augmented Reality Book by Ken Harvey and Terry Crews

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An at Home Adventure

Start your own adventure with our characters, Anthony and Marcus, while you read Come Find Me!

This book is very special in that it has augmented reality (AR) capabilities. You will find that every page has a surprise for you to discover and play with!

Once you receive your book, go to the App Store or Google Play and download the mobile app “Come Find Me” to enhance your experience with the book!


Behind the Book 

In 1995, Ken Harvey and I were teammates on the NFL's Washington Redskins. Ken came to me with a brilliant idea of a book he wrote for his two very young sons, Anthony and Marcus. The book he wrote and I illustrated, was Come Find Me.

I hope every little boy and girl on earth, from whatever country, background or race can see themselves as imaginative, fun and loving as Anthony and Marcus, and most importantly, parents and kids have a wonderful time as they enjoy the experience of reading this book together.

- Terry Crews